Rays 3D is a well-known 3D stereoscopic conversion studio in India. Rays 3D was honoured in 2018 with the prestigious Hollywood Lumiere award in the top 10 technology category. The company has successfully established itself as a key player by providing excellent 2D to 3D conversion services. Our services also include end-to-end 3D production services on feature films, television productions, and commercials. We provide a wide range of services, such as stereo VFX, stereo paint, VFX paint, Rotoscoping, and 3D lenticular printing, as pioneers in the 2D to 3D conversion industry. With successful projects like Day 13, Shakuntalam, Vikrant Rona, Rudrammadevi, Street Dancer, and Vampire Dog in our portfolio, we are dedicated to delivering our clients the highest quality and cutting-edge solutions. Rays 3D is dedicated to providing high-quality products, whether it is transforming common formats into exciting 3D experiences or producing beautiful 3D films. We stand out in the business because of our proficiency in 3D technology.

Our Projects

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3D Conversion
2D to 3D conversion:

We offer 2D to 3D conversion services; we can convert any 2D image or video into 3D. We have the latest software and hardware that is required for this purpose.

Hologram Making

We are specialized in hologram making; we can create any kind of hologram that you want us to make. We have a team of experts who are very good at their work, and they will make sure that the hologram looks exactly like you wanted it to look.

Rays 3D is one of the top pioneers of worldwide rotoscope and visual effects services. Our group of artists are performers at heart and achievers by nature. They treat each project as an individual and give their 100% to execute it effectively

Rays 3D offers 3D / VFX paint and prep services, including wire/rig removal, face/body retouching, reflection removal, digital makeup, beauty work/clean-up, recreation of missing objects...

360 degree videos

VR videos: VR motion pictures offer immersive experiences thru digital environments. Viewed with VR headsets, they offer 3D visuals and head tracking. Recorded with 360 cameras, stitched for seamless 360-degree viewing.

At Rays 3D our creative team is highly qualified to create designs for Lenticular printing. We can create 3D from the 2D files as well as different types of effects as per the requirement

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Rays 3D is an award-winning, recognized leader in high-quality conversions of 2D theatrical content into stereoscopic 3D imagery. We specialize in 2d to 3d conversion, Stereo-VFX, Stereo-paint, VFX paint, Stereo-DI and Stereo-DCP. If you’re looking for reliable stereo conversion and DI / DCP delivery partner that can deliver the highest quality, Rays3D is the best choice.

Rays3D is proud to be recognized as one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies and winner in Top 10 technology category of Lumiere Awards 2018. It’s held by Hollywood’s most elite Advanced Imaging Society, Los Angeles.

Stereoscopy is not just for entertainment content. Rays 3D has contributed a lot in medical field. Surgeries are much more immersive and realistic when viewed in 3D. 3D helps doctors to understand the Z-depth available during surgeries. All high end Microscopes are stereoscopic.


We have the best team of professionals who are very good at their work. They have years of experience, and they know exactly what they are doing


We believe in providing quality work to our clients. We use the latest software and hardware to make sure that the work is of high quality.


We understand that our clients might need the work done urgently. We offer a fast turnaround time so that our clients can get the work as soon as possible.


Without good equipment, even a professional can not do anything, we understand this, and we have the latest equipment that is required for 3D services so that our designers can be more creative and can process your files more quickly and yes, in better quality too.

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