The Response

One of the interesting aspects of lenticular is not only the cool effects one can create, but the affect they have on consumers. Lenticular has a significantly increased stopping power. That is ­ that people who see a lenticular application are Wowed by it!

Studies have shown that 3D increases the stopping power of advertisements by as much as 5 times and increases the staying power by 4 times in relation to 2D ads. In one Market Watch study, 88% of a sample group stated that they prefer 3D advertisements in relation to 2D advertisements.

People also preferred 3D ads by as much as 2.5 times more over 2D ads. In the same study, 2 times more people felt the advertisement looked better in 3D.

These facts are key reasons as to why marketers continue to utilize lenticular for attention-grabbing campaigns.

For example a leading women’s magazine used an outdoor flip advertisement mounted on the side panels of buses. The result was dramatic, eye-catching ads that instantly captured the attention of the people who viewed it. The magazine was amazed at the response of passers-by’s. People would literally stop in their tracks to catch the full effect of the poster.

In another application a vending machine company turned their machines into compelling 3D displays by installing large (4 feet tall) photographic backlit 3D fronts to 45 of their vending machines. Almost immediately, the company saw a 16% increase in vending machine sales for the lenticular vending machines.