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Biggest Flip Billboard
Lenticular Truck Back
Vodafone Bus Shelters
Work done for Unilever
Work done for Pepsico
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Lenticular Products
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Work done for Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Hindustan Unilever Limited


Lenticular Sticker BarbieLenticular Sticker Tom & JerryLenticular Sticker Superman
3D Lenticular Sticker for Pepsodent Kids tooth brush cover

Pepsodent Junior

3D Lenticular Ruler with every Pepsodent Junior brush for the promotion of "Take Teddy Home"

3D Lenticular Poster

10" x 14" 3D Lenticular Poster with Depth and Flip effect on
promotion of LUX Provocator.

3D Lenticular Poster

Lux Soap Dispenser

3D Lenticular Poster

Front and back animation effect of lenticular card for promotion of LUX soap just for Rs. 10/- each.

Knorr Self Strip
Knorr Self Strip
Lenticular Wobblers / DanglersLenticular Wobblers / Danglers Lenticular Heading Dispenser
3D Lenticular Shelf Strip, Wobblers / Danglers and Head Dispenser

Lenticular Shelf Strip Shelf Strip
3D Lenticular Shelf Strip

Self Strip
3D Lenticular Shelf Strip

Wobblers Ponds Product DispenserPonds Product Dispenser

3D Lenticular Wobblers and Product Dispenser's

Liril Posters

3D Lenticular Poster

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