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Worlds Longest Durable Lenticular outdoor promotion for Pepsi Gold

Pepsi Truck Back lenticular Billboard

Products: Lenticular Truck Back
Size: 6 feet x 4 feet lenticular
Category: Outdoor
Lenticular Effect: Combination of 3D with Flip
Pepsi Gold launch
The lenticular was placed on the back of the delivery trucks of Pepsi in which the ICC WORLD CUP was changing to PEPSI GOLD BOTTLE. The background was in depth and the confetti’s were given an effect as if they are flying in air.

Products: Wobblers Pepsi Wobblers
Size: 4.5” feet x 4.5” lenticular
Category: In shop Merchandising
Lenticular Effect: 2 Flip
Products: Schedule Card
Size: 3.25” feet x 2.25” lenticular
Category: Promotion
Lenticular Effect: 2 Flip


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