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World Largest Lenticular Flip Hoarding in 36hrs.On Occasion of Shri Uddhav Thakeray's birthday

Largest Lenticular Hoarding

Rays 3D Motion Prints a company with innovations and Ideas galore. Thinking beyond the horizon in advertising and promotion. It is a breakthrough from the conventional ways of advertising by bringing the lenticular technology for all kinds of advertising which creates magic on print.

Nowadays where advertising forms the quintessence of any product, Rays 3D with the revolutionary lenticular technology assures that with this form a product has more brand emphasis/registration, more appealing than standard 2D print, definitely a better recall value, lifelike and most important USP of this product is that it just can’t be missed!!! and our strengths lie in our capability and techniques for production right here in Mumbai which otherwise is mostly imported. Just imagine your favorite actor’s poster in 3D giving it a more life like presence what more would you want than from any out of home media and plus made right here in Aamchi Mumbai!!!! Using this Lenticular technology we are almost in par with the International standards of advertising today.

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