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We spent some time discussing lenticular ­ now let’s talk about the amazing effects that can be created with this technology. It is important to note, that not every image lends itself to lenticular processing. For example images without any perspective will not work well with 3D while other images might leave some ghosting in flips.

In general, there are three basic types of effects that can be created with lenticular:

  • 3D ­ Amazing 3D effects are created by adding depth to an image. There are two methods for adding depth, one is photographic and involves capturing multiple images of the same image with a digital or video camera from at different angles. These images are then processed and turned into a natural looking continuous depth image. The second method, recently introduced by Rays 3D Technologies, is the ability to take a 2D picture and convert it into 3D. This is done in a simple three step process:

    1. Layering (the process of separating the picture into different objects) of the picture (with no need for tedious tracing) into foreground, intermediate and background objects.
    2. Adding depth to the picture by manipulating the different layers.
    3. Filling in the background layer (the one that has the foreground images cut from it) with Rays 3D automatic filler tool.

  • Flip ­ A flip is a popular animation effect that alternates the picture between two or more images.

  • Animation ­ Animation is a combination of 2D effects (movement, rotation, zoom and opacity) that create a combined effect of animation. An additional animation effect is morphing ­ which is a picture transition effect from one picture to another.

Lenticular Effects

The first step in lenticular design is to choose the effect that best suits your graphic or the message you are trying to communicate. Lenticular effects can be just about anything you can do with video, and some things you can't, such as 3D Depth. Some of the most popular effects include flip, animation, morph, and zoom.

Other possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Effects such as explosions, melts, dissolves, color tints, transformations, twists, bends, and distortions are all possible. Choose an effect to create a bold and captivating image that is sure to demand attention from your potential audience or consumer.

So which one will work best for your needs? Take a moment to view a sample of several popular options and find out!

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