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We introduce ourselves as a Company with innovative and latest technology products which has changed the look of promotional and advertising material.

With our state-of-art technology and the best of raw materials meeting all international standards in the production of Lenticular images, we supply a wide range of different kinds of unique "VIEWS CHANGING" and "3-DIMENSIONAL" (3d) lenticular products for customers from various kinds of industries. This eye-catching lenticular image could be your ideal tool for promotion, gifts and packaging.

We are uniquely qualified to help you to produce a lenticular product that can draw attention, create excitement and drive sales. And also choose and create lenticular products that is right for your promotion. We can also help you choose the most appropriate source art to ensure the highest final product. We are also able to run small as well as big lenticular jobs for national & international promotion.

Specialised in Lenticulars Products

Lenticular is a unique printing technology that allows the vivid illusion of movement, morphing, and 3 dimensional to be portrayed onto a 2D printing surface. A lenticular image has two components; a printed image and a lenticular lens screen through which the image is viewed. According to the required effects, the original image(s) are undergone special manipulation and sliced by the process called "interlacing" one slice corresponds to one image. These sliced images are then either printed on paper and then laminated to, or directly printed on the flat side of the lenticular sheet. Through light refraction of these tiny lenses, and precisely and seamlessly positioning, the images underneath would show up the required effects.

Lenticular images have come a long way since their early days. It's now possible to carry a short 1-second "video" in your pocket, or hang it on the wall. As you turn a lenticular image in your hand, or walk by a large one on the counter or wall, the image seems to come to life Lenticular images can convey the illusion of 3D and/or video motion.

The most sophisticated advertisers know that a promotional product is only valuable if it appeals to, and is retained by, your target audience Lenticular accomplishes both of these objectives. The Lenticular products leads to direct profits and advertising effects to everywhere. There are different types of Lenticular lenses available and for different type of applications and for different range of Lenticular effects.

Application of Lenticular
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